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Communities. We believe everybody should be able to access community projects, arts, outdoors and learning opportunities. Drawing in all members of a community including businesses, builds a broader foundation for longer term resilience. Hoping for a closer knit society, creating and learning together - looking out for each other.

Communication design for communities. We use strong imagery and carefully structured messaging, to get to the heart of what needs to be said. If you need to encourage a range of audiences to participate, or need to bring clarity to complex problems, communication design is a persuasive tool to speak to all audiences.

Collaboration for communities. We work through our projects in a way that enables clients and communities to feel part of the process; our end goal is for a sense of ownership and pride in communications to be created. Long term goals and relationships are really important to us; we want to see brands and campaigns thrive, so build designs that can evolve and continue to bring positivity to audiences.

Whatever and whenever we get involved, we are always thinking about how we can bring both clarity and joy to as many audiences as possible emoji brain icon emoji celbrate icon

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Designers that stand up for life learning chances.

In an overly complex world, that makes it hard for people to navigate, we design easy to understand visual identities & brand campaigns.

Using our brand research, design and messaging expertise, we help you to spark curiosity in new audiences, keep loyal fans and make good change standard practice.

Our clients bring positivity to their communities; we help distill their best bits, through full of life branding, print and digital projects. We love to share good news for companies who want to support those around them, sports and outdoor groups, learning organisations, arts and community spaces.

Our small size means you get a friendly team with direct accountablity for your project. Together we build committed partnerships, with practical planning and questioning at the heart of what we do. From the bigger picture behind the scenes, to the tiny important typographic and delivery details that make all the difference.


2 The Courtyard, Pledgdon Hall,
Henham, Essex CM22 6BJ
01799 615 088

GAS Brand Studio Limited. Company no. 10474309.

Cooking is a core life skill that unites us as people, a way to share and give delight to others. An empowering process that brings confidence and joy to all abilities.

Cookies Cookery School had been offering a variety of skill and age cooking workshops for 10 years when we met them. Their mission was to enable simple and nutritious dishes to be created by many.

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Running for fun, the core mission of this event was to bring together the wider community; an inclusive sporting event winding through the beautiful Essex countryside, alongside the village school’s lively annual summer fair.

How can you mix varied run distances, 1K for kids, 5K for light runners and 10K trail for more dedicated runners? Throw in bouncy castles, sports games, draft ale bar, coffee & tea, fun fitness tests, followed by an ice cream van, BBQ food, cake sale, raffles, tombolas, gin & Pimms bar, face painting and music! A heady mix, or something for everyone?

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Our focus was the gains that could be made in medical research using this method of genomic data storage.

We focussed on people and the ultimate goal of cures and treatments that could be reached quicker, by efficient access to genomic data.

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Design for communities can be vibrant and exciting and a real opportunity to showcase common goals, it can also be overlooked due to lack of funds or insight. We want to champion the need to use strong design in communications.

We believe in giving back where we can, as GAS Studio, we have run illustration competitions with art and design students and offered work placements to support transition into employment...

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