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Approachable Designers

We are open and reliable, so will be honest with our guidance, even if this means challenging approaches that may have been expected.

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Brand Standout

We create flexible responses that adapt within rapidly changing markets, to help your brand stand out from the competition. To do this we investigate the motivations of your customer, so that we can engage them, converting to sales for your company. You will always speak to the designer that will create your project, there are no Chinese whispers, so that we get to the essence of what you need to communicate.

Take on Challenges

We don’t just sit waiting for instructions, we are proactive team players, if there are any concerns in work that is being commissioned, we will raise them with you at an early stage offering alternative solutions to help projects remain both on budget and on time. We are not scared to talk about the money, aware of budget pressures, we will give alternative options.

Easy to Work With

We like to think we are all those things that shouldn’t be taken for granted in working with designers, organised, reliable, hitting deadlines to agreed budgets, with no unwanted surprises. We are pragmatic; driving solutions through logical timely stages. We don’t need to be micromanaged – we do make processes less stressful, but still think clients are core to a successful solution. And the nice bit we are approachable and flexible. We value building lasting relationships, we’re in it for the long run.

Design Passion

Clichéd as it is, we really love the details of design and that’s what keeps us coming back for more. It’s also what makes the difference between an OK design and hitting it on the nail.

Client Collaboration

We work hand in hand with our clients to make the final solution stronger. We ask questions throughout the process and aim to operate as if we are a part of your business, creative communication should be fun with everyone batting for the same team.

Beyond Expectations

We don’t take clients for granted, we don’t presume you will give us the next project. We will still challenge you, to ensure that the right solution is clear and considered, right from the start point. A small team means we have tighter control over our projects and care more about the outcomes.

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We are a small team with a unique story.

We met nearly 18 years ago, Gail had already worked in the design industry with global agencies and clients for more than 12 years. She was lecturing in graphic design and Steve was a hard working student in the first year.

Steve moved to the same village as Gail and by 2016 they were both running their own busy small design companies. We decided to join forces, pooling skills and diverse contacts to form GAS (Gail and Steve) Brand Studio.

An unexpected duo – lecturer and student different ages, different genders, different perspectives, bringing energy, diversity and insight to create a stronger team.

  • Steve Goodwin

    Founder & Designer

    Steve’s design journey started at school with the introduction of a new class “Graphic Design”. Design what is this. Design was a life choice not a career option. After completing his Visual Communication Design degree, Steve has worked in the design industry for 12+ years for a range of clients across a wide range of disciplines including packaging design for Tesco and Disney, Brand and digital solutions for Philips, Cartoon Network, Virgin, The Greater London Authority, Belvedere Vodka. In 2010 Steve setup Screech Creative working on start up and collaboration projects with the vision to get closer to his strength and the main objective of design, problem solving while bridging the gap between business and creative services.

  • Gail Hoban

    Founder & Designer

    Gail has been a designer for nearly thirty years working at top design and marketing agencies, as well as freelancing in both London and more local agencies. Since completing her degree in Information Graphics, Gail has worked with many blue chip clients such as Visa, British Airways, BP to name just some. The largest project managing a team of design and production staff for a £10m European football sponsorship event for Vauxhall and GM. For nearly 15 years Gail also passed on her love of design through lecturing, culminating in managing two Foundation Degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Art on behalf of the University of Hertfordshire. In 2015 Gail left lecturing to set up Design Studio 22 working with local SMEs as well as sole traders and start ups.

  • GAS Collaborators illustration

    Our Extended Team

    We are a small team, but with diverse experience. We want to share the years of knowledge gained, along with some of our collaborators. We have trusted business relationships with photographers, copywriters, web develops, printers, sign fabricators, social media, small business and marketing specialists.

We don’t claim to be a full service agency, but we have several years of contacts between us, with photographers, SEO experts, copywriters, web developers, social media strategists and marketing specialists at the top of our trusted collaborators list.