Alphabake Cookery School - Cooking is a core life skill that unites us as people, a way to share and give delight to others. An empowering process that brings confidence and joy to all abilities.

Cookies Cookery School had been offering varied skill and age cooking workshops for 10 years when we met them. Their mission was to enable simple and nutritious dishes to be created by many. Their big-hearted approach led to them bringing the joys of good cooking to different groups; after school, holiday activities and parties for children, preparation for university for teenagers, sensory experience and achievement for special needs adults and simply the sheer joy of cooking for adult supper groups.

Identity. Messaging. Print.

Young girl showing homemade decorated cupcakes
Alphabake illustrated badges, Headbaker, Top Cookie, Star Mixer

Our brief was to rebrand the cookery school with a name and messaging that linked to their inclusivity, in order to launch as a franchise business model, bringing ‘cooking made simple for everyone’ to a wider group of people.

Smiley happy people photos, but real ones, from kid’s cup cake parties and cookery lessons. Not an instagram opportunity, but real bakers, with sticky fingers and wonky decorations.

Bringing rewards for good behaviour and fantastic baking, we kept it fun, with cheery badges for these cheeky bakers. And for all the rest who happily get stuck in, the good in betweeners, we designed the Star Mixer badges.

For franchisees, Alphabake messaging needed to be super simple, so it could be easily adopted by all business owners and staff; short, sweet and to the point.

Alphabake Cookery messaging, simple and delicious, simple and nutritious, Good food simple as ABC
printed recipe and information cards
close up of cheeky tomato printed recipe card
special needs happy baker

Colours used were to connect to the previous brand, but also to connect to warmth and comfort from food. Typefaces chosen are friendly, but not so childish that it could still resonate with its varied audiences. Simple illustrations support the activities without being too specific to individual workshops. Imagery chosen was light-hearted, using a combination of stock photography and the client's own images.

Bold recipe cards to take away, carry on the fun, developing practical cooking skills, learnt in sessions. Using these cards independently, also helps gain understanding of the basic structure of recipes at each baker’s learning speed.

Even the brand guidelines follow the cooking theme in colourful, simple to follow recipe stages of yummy typefaces, scummy colours and illustration ingredients.

Alphabake visual identity elements
Alphabake branded goodie bags
Mixing flour and egg in plastic bowl
Close up of Alphabake goodie backs

It’s great for kids to be proud of what they have created, a real booster to be able to show off to friends and family - take home, Alphabake style.

We continued the simple ABC approach in clean digital concepts for the brand. With short, snappy introductions to guide through content, with appetisers for activities available at each franchise.

Alphabake digital concepts for smartphone, tablet and desktop

"GAS Studio helped to make my identity fit for a wider audience to enable me to go out to a franchise market. They created an identity and messaging that kept the warmth of our classes, reflecting that I wanted them to be accessible, fun and learning for all. They were quick and friendly when responding and super clear in their advice guiding through the process."

Carole Rose, Chief Baker, Founder & Lovely Lady

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