Brand Buzz Workshop

What to expect (or not!)

GAS Brand Buzz workshops are tailored to your business, individual product or event. We focus on giving you insight into a particular marketing, communication, sales or business process. They are based at our offices in the lovely countryside near Stansted.

It is super easy to get bogged down in the operational side of your business (win the business, do the business, repeat, repeat to keep the cash flow moving, digging the trench). Do you stop and look to see how the outside world, your ideal audience or staff view your company. (Do you lift your head above the trench).

Have you thought what is the core visual and text messages that will convince your audience? Do you understand who they are and what they need at that point in their purchase journey? We discuss with you prior to the workshop what you think your current issues are. We will carry out desk research in advance of the meeting, which may influence the direction of the workshop.

Dependent upon where you are on your brand journey, we can use BRAND BUZZ time to:

  • Review your current marketing materials and their impact on your desired audience, maybe even define your audience more clearly.
  • Look at competitors messaging and imagery (who’s doing it better or missing a trick?)
  • Suggest types of marketing that might be appropriate for your audience. (we do encourage you to think big first, then bring it back to a practical level of what you can achieve at your stage of business).
  • Help you to understand initial steps to achieve these marketing tools including rough timescales.
  • Suggest types of imagery and messaging that will connect with your audience, giving you steps to achieve this, either with us or alternative suppliers. (This is the surprise and delight part to make audiences connect and feel you are talking to them, not just a checklist of your features or a team photo).
  • A plan to start – we can follow up the workshop with detailed costings and schedules to move you forward.

We will ask lots of questions (promise – not just play). There is a high probability your head will be spinning when you leave us. But it will give you a buzz and plans for moving forwards.

A brand or rebrand can be managed in stages, don’t think you have to rush headlong into changing everything at once. Just do it right at the beginning, take your first step into uncharted territory, get in a room with people that will ask the underlying questions and make you buzz with ideas for your business future. Are you prepared to expose all, good, bad and ugly to get to those juicy bits?

Two brains dive deeper than one!

Gail and Steve, with different life, work and business perspectives, challenge ideas from diverse consumer and client angles. When you work with us, it is never just one of us that will work on your project, we are a team with supporting skills, that will make the outcome stronger and the process smoother. (We really do pull on the goggles and dive in).

We dare you to feel the buzz …
For only £95+VAT for 90 minutes with Gail and Steve until 31st July.

Contact GAS to join us in a Brand Buzz workshop:
A team of designers asking questions to challenge, surprise and delight.