#Design Adventurers (Part 1) Challenging Brand Expectations

Take time to be less serious 😀😁😂

Whatever happened to controversy, poking fun, being silly or even risky (ooh scary)? Communication has become jaded, measured A/B tested. You don’t get a second chance in face to face communications, you have to jump in and say what you think, live or die (only socially, not literally), by what comes out of your mouth.

It is all too easy to get sucked into planning a big campaign, running along one theme or stuck in the day to day process of how your business is run (repeat, repeat, repeat). But have you checked out what you are saying with your audience or even your staff. Do they get what you are saying, does it mean anything to them? Don’t be the party loony in the kitchen that everybody is steering clear of. Or the details obsessive, who tells their story so slooooowly, you have fallen asleep by the time they have finished, (boring).

Repeat repeat boring beige noise


With the fast swiping of social media and mobile consuming, audiences are less convinced by obvious marketing messages. You can create a pause that stops the scroll, awakening current and opening up new audiences with an out of the ordinary moment, relevant to the brand and not just for the sake of it. By changing and creating disruptions no matter how small, whether it be a new way of thinking or a simpler approach to ingrained processes, you can spark interest and engagement; step out of your safety zone, you might like it.

‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation’. (Plato Greek philosopher)

Audiences don’t like heavy sell, but a communication that makes them smile will help connect them to the brand. Laughter triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Studies proved that twenty seconds of laughter can double heart rate for up to three to five minutes afterwards, internal exercise that feels good!1. It is these physical changes that help our brains to realise we are experiencing emotion, and trigger a marker for the memory.

Surprise, Surprise (not just about the laughs)

The element of surprise or wonder can be a hook to pull in bored visual consumers of content. Remember the sensations you feel exploring a new place or seeing something beautiful for the first time.

Part of the process to get to the surprising elements is to dig deeper, get to know what makes a company thrive, or the tipping point to make an ideal customer sign up. Expose the inside out instead of the obvious repeat, repeat, boring – what everybody else does!

Missing the point graphic


Many design and marketing companies ask the wrong questions, or not enough questions, they don’t go beyond surface deep solutions. This is not about understanding and explaining every single company feature, but finding the feature that is most relevant to your target audience, what solves their problem, the ahah factor, the ‘this is what I need’ moment.

A features checklist does not rock the world

It takes time and experience to create design and marketing that feels natural and off the cuff. Delivering your company message requires ingenuity, that can’t come from just an agency, it needs to be a partnership, you know your business, even if you have become so close to what you do, you can’t see what the best bits are. A brand or rebrand does not have to all be done at once, immediately, this second. It can be layered in manageable stages. The challenge is to make a start, get in a room with people that will ask revealing questions and make you buzz with ideas for your business future. Are you prepared to expose all, good, bad and ugly to get to those juicy bits?

Challenging Expectations

To create a difference to a business, marketing and design needs to be carefully crafted and targeted to the right customers, but it does not need to be serious or worthy. To be able to poke fun at yourselves, challenge systems or perceptions will make a brand more real, believable and relatable. Who wants to buy from the slick salesman that glosses over all the hard bits and leaves you feeling like you had a sleazy transaction, deflated?

Two brains are sharper than one:
The Two Ronnies, Morecambe & Wise, Vic & Bob, Watson & Crick (though we are not as sharp as the last ones - P.S. DNA guys).

Design Team that includes you

(behind the scenes – skip diving) When you work with us, it is never just one of us that will work on your project, you are engaging a design team with supporting skills, that will make the design stronger and the process smoother. A big part of what we do is ask questions other designers might not, challenging conventional boundaries. We feed and grow an idea, giving it legs, (and watch that it won’t run away on us), we do have to pin some ideas down, before they get ridiculous. (We really did jump in that skip outside our office and dug deep).

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Before quoting, we offer a free project chat. It gives a client a chance to understand us and how we think, but it also allows us to find out the core aspects of the project and what we might need to allow for in costings. We don’t just accept and carry out a task given to us, but we question if this is the right approach for what you are trying to achieve.

We dare you to reset and play...

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