Foood Fings GAS Side Project

(Dessert) Book & Electric Print

Foood Fings has come to life (or should we say has gained a life of its own).
If you love foood, (but don’t take it too seriously).
If you love colour, but like it artfully applied, take a look at what Gail, Steve, plus students from Hertford Regional College have created and brought together in a limited edition book.

This vibrant side project started off as a way to release our creativity, show what we could do, show our energy, enthusiasm and humour. We have done this in bucket loads!

We heard weird, wonderful, odd and downright silly tales of what people eat, how they eat and what they do to foood. (by the way, the triple ooo in foood is for when you lovingly talk about food, so much more expressive). The stories, as with any good book were the kindling for our images, sparking our visual storytelling.

Our work placement student Liam, told us about his Dad who would pop a pickled onion in his cheek while he rode on the bus to school, (very odd).

Steve had a story from his brother about drawing on bananas, and how great the tactile feeling was. Quite innocent you would think, but it ended up with a saucily placed banana on an apron and an elaborately decorated banana that was stripped and turned into an animation, see all revealed at Banana Overboard.

Gail was curious why sprouts only got eaten at Christmas, so she started a campaign to support the humble vegetable. (Any distraction from Brexit was appreciated). She created badges for sprout lovers and a parody of CND for sprout haters. She created a placard and pasted posters for both sides. When we did a Facebook poll, we were amazed to find 74% liked sprouts and only 26% didn’t.

We heard from Wendy Jennings how she dips fries in milkshake. Not sure if we were disgusted or intrigued, but we decided to test it out at our exhibition. Some of our visitors actually liked it, saying it was like salted caramel.

Steve was fascinated why soup spoons were so big, because he had tried to shove the whole thing in his mouth, until Sam Bailey enlightened him that you were only supposed to sip it. Emma Steve’s wife, a jewellery designer helped him to shape a soup spoon into a question mark, which became the centrepiece for a one-off piece.

We had loads of suggestions for Out of Flavour foods, old fashioned food, our neighbours talked tripe, winkles and brawn and Steve conjured them into modern day packaging concepts. How much of what we think we are eating is based around the packaging that sells it to us? There is so much more to explore here, which we have only just touched on.

The whole Foood Fings project has been an intense process, we didn’t anticipate how many new things we would encounter along the way, this project has brought many new triumphs and challenges.

As a slightly belated office warming, we held our first exhibition to showcase our progress with the book. But this was no mean feat with just two of us and a business still to run, we moved out of our usual working area and two rooms from our studio were taken over with prints, postcards, prototype tea towels and the saucy banana apron. Gail created an impromptu installation using an old typewriter, foodie words and cutlery, it wasn’t for sale, but it created a stir.

We devised our first live brief for students, 35 students took part from Hertford Regional College. They were Fine Art, Graphic Design, 3D Design, Visual Merchandising and animation students all with different outlooks, we received drinking bath water, pregnancy cravings, food fight stories and great diverse images. After much deliberation about who had told and interpreted the best stories, we chose two winners Katherine Field with her ‘Mummy Dippers’ image and Nicole Harrison with her ‘Sweet Savoury Sail’ image.

Katherine’s image was very Pop arty and fitted in with the vibe of Foood Fings. Her story was also very touching focussing on the foods her Mum now craved after chemotherapy, having been a once virtuous eater. Nicole’s image sent us back to childhood memories of making pictures in your head, from what you see around you, (always dreaming about food).

We have now created our first limited edition book, like the exhibition, it took a lot of work, we don’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly. It is very satisfying to have a tangible outcome to all the work and we hope it raises a few smiles. The Foood Fings book is wonderfully eclectic, full of all the different people’s thoughts, who have shared their story and added their energy. Full of different styles of communication, and being designers, we always think there is more to build, more ideas, more techniques, more colour.

Your chance to see and taste for yourself.

So we have also cooked up our first little side project shop, where you can buy the Foood Fings book, as well as art prints, tea towels and postcards. You can find them all at