Foood Fings GAS Side Project

(Starters Course) We love to talk about foood!

Steve loves food, put a plate of anything in front of him and it disappears. Gail was also nicknamed a trencher for her ability to clear a plate, she is also fascinated with the different eating habits of her family and others… more to be revealed.

We love to have fun

Foood Fings is a way to do more than just talk about food, to show food some love, not just through words, but pictures too. We wanted to find out what silly, horrid, weird, tastes and habits friends, family, clients and connections have. We asked questions at home, at schools, at university halls, with friends and on the social and were really surprised by the diversity of responses.

Creating Images for Fun

Working with clients always has particular goals, we wanted to have a project where the boundaries were only those devised by us. It also lets us experiment with techniques and creative skills we both have, but don’t usually get to share with a client. But most importantly the concepts can be a little more off the wall.

Steve has photographed and drawn on a banana.

Gail mutilated a banana (clients think she is nice, a different side, and don’t worry Steve ate the banana after, so no waste).

We all did role play with a banana, joined by Nathan, Gail’s son and a regular helper at GAS.

mushroom illustration lovers haters foood fings

Gail went dotty over mushrooms.

Sprouts linocut not just for Christmas

Then campaigned for the humble sprout to have year long love.

And this is just the start of our project...

FoodCycle Giving Back

This project is not about money, its about appreciation of food, so as part of the venture we wanted to give something back. 20% of the profits will go to Foodcycle, a charity recycling unwanted supermarket food into nutritious vegetarian projects. They have 37 projects across the UK. They support people who are hungry and lonely by serving tasty lunches and dinners every single day in towns and cities across the country.  Their incredible volunteers across the country serve over 850 meals a week using surplus food (cooked in spare kitchen space). Want to find out more about them, take a look at

Where are we going with this?

All the images will be included in a limited edition book for sale around Christmas time. We will be holding an exhibition to show a selection of the images September Saturday 15th, Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th – 14th at our new studio. We will be selling limited edition prints and postcards and a chance to order the book. We will have a private view ticket only event in advance of opening the exhibition, with foood experiments zone and photo booth.

Take look at the event on our Facebook page and let us know if you are coming.

Keep checking in to see our cooking experiments

We will be giving details about the exhibition, how to buy books and prints further into the project, if you have any stories or want more information about playful GAS, get in touch at