Foood Fings GAS Side Project

(Main Course) We love to think about foood!

Foood glorious Foood Fings, we have been thinking about it more than usual this year. Since January, we have been creating a variety of delicious and not so delicious, thought provoking images connected to food and how we personally think about it, as well as some of the odd habits of friends and family.

Tongue in cheek Foood

Who takes foood too seriously? It can be a messy process and so much more enjoyable when it is. It got a teeny bit mucky (with dollops of innuendo) thinking about the foood serving suggestion given to us by Wendy Jennings – Maccie D fries and shake.

Weird habits with Foood

The food industry doesn’t often look at what we really do with food when selling products. We never see Sarsons vinegar selling what Steve’s friend does with vinegar sachets…

Foood Psychology

OK so we are just amateur observers, but our study of friends and family brought up some odd eating habits, we did wonder if these habits could be translated into personality traits. Do you recognise the Wolfer, the Mixer and the Trencher in your friends and family?

Out of Flavour Foood

Food trends or fads seem to change almost as fast as the girls’ clothes on Love Island. So we thought it would be a great idea to bring back to life some forgotten foods that now seem old fashioned, thanks to the reminiscing of our lovely neighbours Russ and Wendy. How would brawn, winkles and tripe be packaged for today’s source conscious fooodie audience? (early concept stage)

Soon you get your chance to see and taste for yourself.

We will be holding an exhibition to show a selection of the images September 14th – 17th at our studio near Stansted. We will be selling limited edition prints, postcards, tea towels and aprons, plus a chance to order the Foood Fings book. You can ‘Make a Pratch of Yourself’ and take part in foood experiments. See our Facebook event for details event details.

FoodCycle Giving Back

And the goood bit. This project is not about money, its about appreciation of food, so as part of the venture we wanted to give something back. 20% of the profits will go to Foodcycle, a charity recycling unwanted supermarket food into nutritious vegetarian projects. They have 37 projects across the UK. They support people who are hungry and lonely by serving tasty lunches and dinners every single day in towns and cities across the country.  Their incredible volunteers across the country serve over 850 meals a week using surplus food (cooked in spare kitchen space).

Where are we going with this?

All the images will be included in a limited edition Foood Fings book for sale around Christmas time. We can’t wait to share with you, we will keep you updated. We hope we are entertaining on the way with a little of the cheeky GAS spotlight on foood.

P.S. Any suggestions welcome for next spotlight subject.