Genomic Data Research - When a process is on a micro scale or happens hidden away inside machinery, illustration with clear language can help open up some of the mystery, making benefits more accessible. Helping different audiences quickly understand complex processes, whilst adopting a positive tilt is core to how we approach all our projects and this was no exception :)

Our focus was the gains that could be made in medical research using this method of genomic data storage. We focussed on people and the ultimate goal of cures and treatments that could be reached quicker, by efficient access to genomic data. We developed flowing imagery that illustrated each benefit with colour and texture, breaking away from the usual visual language of sterile scientific diagrams.

Identity. Illustration. Messaging.

Green flying free bird illustration with DNA strand in it's beak
Zipping up a DNA helix to show lossless compression
A5 printed roll fold cover showing illustration of exploding DNA data strands
Three phone screen showing applications of the Genomic Data Research illustrations and icons

The final output commissioned was a modular infographic, with image components, icons and messaging, to easily explain the advantages of compressed genomic data storage. These are some of the components we explored to show the flexibility of the concept, applied across a range of media and platforms.

Billboard showing a bird flying free from a cage with a DNA data strand
Genomic Data Reserach icon set and information cards. compressed data icon, stopping bottle neck icon, watch speed icon, traffic light icon
Printed roll fold showing the Genomic Data Research process in illustrations
Genomic Data logo identity with floating DNA strands in four colour ways blue, yellow, green, purple
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