Our B Corp Journey. We recognise that each challenge we face as people and the planet are interconnected. By respecting everyone as individuals, businesses can bring them together, around the environment, education and life opportunities.

We saw small businesses can make a huge difference and we wanted to do our bit! SMEs account for 99.9% of the UK business population. They see the world at grassroots level and can innovate quickly to create better change for the people around them.

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B Corp is becoming known as the fairtrade accreditation of business. They verify companies to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Our planning and undertaking of their rigorous process took over 18 months, it was a big commitment for our small but mighty size.

Many think B Corp is just about sustainability, but it is much more. They support 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) meaning they support building a stronger society. At GAS Studio, we champion the role of communities. We always think beyond the client to the wider society, we see communication design as a positive tool to unite people building better places. Collectively, smaller actions become bigger, lasting changes.

Gail Hoban GAS Studio Community Workshop

Our approach has always been to jump in feet first, be open, listen, learn, then continuously build better. The B Corp assessment tool has helped us to be more accurate in understanding our impact and adopt robust governance of the business. And for future certification, it will allow us to monitor our progress and continually improve.

As a company, we would always rather prove our values, than shout about them without evidence. B Corp has given us the opportunity to show we follow through with what we believe in. We nearly fell over when our assessment achieved 93 points, well above the 80 points required for accreditation.

Steve Goodwin GAS Studio Community Workshop

We are a business with marginal environmental impact and have always believed sustainability should be for all, not a nicety, but standard business practice. We are figuring out how to achieve carbon zero, further reducing what we consume, we don’t want this to be seen as an outsourced greenwashing opportunity. This is our target over the next couple of years towards recertification.

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