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Terrace & Garden, situated in the Essex countryside was established in 1989 and specialises in sourcing unusual and unique products from around the world. Building their portfolio to include some very prestigious names including the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The Terrace & Garden range is sold to selected outlets in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Designing the brand identity for Terrace and Garden had to balance the heritage that had been established over the years but also move the brand into a new digital age and give it ability to grow and expand.

Terrace and Garden Brand Identity

Expanding with colour

The new identity has a tight and compact typeface for the company name and the powerful growing ampersand icon that connects the icon to the typeface while expressing the nature of the business.

As part of the new brand we developed a wide colour palette – Taking inspiration from the four seasons and creating a colour for each month, which provided brand colours that can be both bold and subtle. When the colour is combine with the icon it creates a very distinct feel that can stand alone and enhance the brand.

Terrace and Garden Website

Growing the brand

The new brand has grown into the design and build of the new web shop that has energy to express the depth of the range and colour of the products but simplicity in the user journey to make the purchase. This is also supported with a seasonal catalogue for Terrace and Garden. The catalogue needed to showcase their products, giving the seasonal twist through colour gives the catalogue new vibrance each time it is produced. Choice of uncoated paper gives a sense of quality and makes the the product feel tactile.

Terrace and Garden Brochure