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Kathy Ennis of Little Piggy is a fabulous, energetic and successful small and micro business trainer, with particular expertise in social media.

GAS Studio was asked to create a planner to help communicate how to overcome many of the marketing challenges small businesses face. We reflected Kathy’s light hearted but straight forward approach, aimed particularly at female entrepreneurs in the soft but playful typography and colour palette. Quotes were pulled out to emphasise key business sticking points.

We also helped Kathy through the process of organising the book into an easy flowing planner then prepared  and submitted the print ready document to Amazon’s Create Space. If you want to see more of this really useful planner visit Amazon at

Thank you also to Sarah Holmes (one of our clients) at Sarahstephensphotography who took the photos for Kathy.

Playful Characters to represent business scenarios

Kathy’s concept was to focus on the rhyme of ‘This Little Piggy’. We created fun five piggy avatar designs to connect the rhyme with different types of business customers and their stage or type of business.

Promoting a fun product

In order to promote the planner, Kathy also asked us to create pop up banner and postcards to help communicate the book at business shows and networking events.