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Zoe Collins came to us with a background in the finance industry wanting to start up her own accountancy business – ZSC Accountancy.

GAS Studio was asked to create a simple start up brand identity and branding elements. Zoe was not clear what her specific unique services were at point of engagement, but she is a practical, common sense accountant who wanted to make accounting seem approachable, removing some of the barriers to numbers clarity.

Creating a down to earth professional identity

The ZSC identity was influenced by infographics and pie charts. The roundel was a device that could be applied flexibly to a range to elements. The strong turquoise and green colours have impact on the soft silver backdrop, bringing sophistication that could appeal to both male and female clients. Details were brought to life in the print finish, the roundel was accentuated through the application of a spot varnish. We devised initial messaging that will grow with Zoe to represent her love of simplifying numbers ‘Demystifying business finance’, alongside helping her to identify the core services to communicate.

Professional approach from the beginning

We recommended photographer Chanon de Valois to ensure Zoe had professional imagery for her own social media. The brand has given Zoe a solid foundation and confidence to go out and sell the services in her business, which is growing steadily. Latest news is we look forward to embarking on the next design adventure with Zoe, now she has more detail of the services she offers.

I’ve been working with Gail for a couple of months now... she gets me & my thoughts before I even know what they are!! Can’t recommend GAS Brand Studio highly enough!